About us

Premium Quality Candies

About us

Confeto LLC is a company that produces high quality hard candies by offering the right combination of soft tasting flavors. Our factory was established in 2018 and straight away became the industry-leading company in the region. With the aim to provide our customers with the best products available, Confeto has been working rigorously to achieve the best quality and the highest safety standards.  

Products offered

Our products have been carefully designed by our designers, with the customers’ needs in mind. The most demanded product of our candy factory is hard candy lollipops. As this product is in high demand from all around the world, it is our duty to ensure that our customers remain satisfied.

Similarly, we have a variety of other hard candy products that have been made to make our customers appreciate the right combination of soft tasting flavors, for the right moment, made the right way.

Distinguishable Qualities

The handmade lollipops by Confeto, have been thoroughly tested to ensure purity, quality and the highest safety standards. Through this continues testing, we are able to make ourselves more trustworthy to a wider range of customers around the world. Confeto is committed to providing the premium quality ingredients in the safest way possible.

Our Team
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